HTTP Error 999.0 - AW Special Error

The custom error module does not recognize this error.

Most likely causes:

  • A module set an infrequently used status code.

Things you can try:

  • Investigate why the module set the status code.
  • Detailed Error Information:

    Module   IIS Web Core
    Notification   Unknown
    Handler   ASPClassic
    Error Code   0x00000000
    Requested URL
    Physical Path   D:\inetpub\webs\miniportalecom\boxframe\quotidianibox.asp
    Logon Method   Not yet determined
    Logon User   Not yet determined
    Request Tracing Directory   D:\LogFiles\FailedReqLogFiles

    More Information:

    Any module can call SetStatus with the status, substatus or HRESULT. The custom error module only displays status specific error messages for well known errors.

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